ASM - Toy Fair 2006With Help from The Allspark
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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2006 Coverage!

Welcome to our coverage of Art Asylum! In 2006, Art Asylum will expand their Mini-Mates line, as well as provide other lines. Let's go!
Let's start with those Mini-Mates! First up is Battlestar Galactica, featuring characters and vehicles from both the original show and the new Sci-Fi Channel remake! See the Gallery

Next we have Lord of the Rings Mini-Mates. Sure the last movie premiered in 2003. That doesn't mean it's still one of the best fantasy epics ever. Check out the toys! NOTE: The final wave pictured here was under-ordered and will NOT be released, sadly. See the Gallery

Next we have more Mini-Mates, including Marvel and Street Fighter. Included in this gallery are some Miscellaneous toys. See the Gallery

Now we come to Jump Tribe, plush creatures from the mind of Clive Barker! See the Gallery

For the doll-collectors, Art Asylum provides Little Apple Dolls. This year, the dolls are... darker, and Series 3 dolls come with masks! See the Gallery

Art Asylum also gives us Mad Balls! Remember these? Bouncy, creepy rubber balls? Well, they're back! See the Gallery

In a different line, we have 3D Stars, figures featuring the likenesses of soccer (a/k/a football everywhere but the United States) stars. See the Gallery

Finally, we have Speed Racer. The Mach 5 returns as both a collection of Mini-Mates and figures from the continuing story featuring Speed's son! See the Gallery