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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2006 Coverage!

Welcome to our coverage of Bandai! Featuring Power Rangers, Tamagotchi, Teen Titans, and more -- let's go!
First off: Teen Titans! This popular cartoon is going to be bringing some great figures and awesome role-play items! See the Gallery

Next we have Power Rangers: Mystic Force! This time around, the Rangers have 'Zords that change into dragons, giving the entire line a mythical look. See the Gallery

Returning is Tamagotchi Connection v.3! The mini-electronic pet game from Japan returns! Betcha there are some nifty updates to this third edition. See the Gallery

Next we have Magical Do-Re-Mi! This line geared towards girls is obviously music based; it appears some, if not all, of the figures come with CDs! See the Gallery

Finally, we have Collectible Cards and Games! Whether you are a fan of Teen Titans, Gundam, or Digimon; or like card games; or have a collection of miniatures, you'll want to see these pictures! See the Gallery