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First4Figures Limited Transformers Statues and Busts Info!

First4Figures is a UK-based company that is making new Transformers statues and busts!† Monday at Toy Fair, our crew was given glimpses of their product via computer-generated mockups.




Generation One still holds lots of appeal for countless fans, and First4Figures aims to please!† Currently planned for release, we saw mock-ups of the following items:


Full Body Statues:


  • Galavatron
  • Scourge
  • Bludgeon (with sword)
  • Swoop
  • Jetfire (holding his helmet from the Dreamave comics)
  • Hot Rod
  • A large diorama statue of Soundwave holding Jazz above his head, about to throw
    him onto a badly-trashed Blaster on the ground at his feet




  • Powermaster Optimus Prime





Beast Wars also holds fond places in many fansí hearts, so who is First4Figures to deny them product?




  • Season 1 Megatron
  • Season 1 Rattrap
  • Ravage (show version)
  • Waspinator
  • Scorponok
  • Depth Charge


Each of these is to be in scale with the others.† The mock-ups looked great and very true to the show.




  • A large diorama statue of Season 1 Megatron punching his dinosaur head-hand
    through Rhinox's chest from behind, lifting Rhinox off the ground





There are plans for Cyclonus, Optimal Optimus, and more; First4Figures would like to make Blackarachnia, but they are concerned about her limbs being too fragile for either manufacture or display.


Expect the first statues out in June or July of 2006, with a new statue released each month thereafter.† Beast Wars items will be limited to 1,996 pieces each, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their release.


Do you like having the same numbered items for your entire collection?† Well, good news!† All items will come with a credit card-shaped certificate of authenticity with the statue/bust's edition number, plus a code. Entering the code at F4F's website will register your number and let you preorder subsequent statues in the line with the same number, if you want a matching set.