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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2006 Coverage!

Our first offering is Hasbro, makers of Transformers, Star Wars, My Little Ponies, and a whole bunch more lines!
First up is Transformers: Cybertron, as Hasbro continues to produce the popular toys featured in the Cartoon Network show. Featuring the new Unicron toy, there's more than meets the eye here! We found out a bunch of images didn't get uploaded, so we've now included those! See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Next is Transformers: Beast Wars 10th Anniversary. Hard to believe it's been 10 years since Beast Wars first appeared on the shelves and our TV screens. Personally, this is my favorite Transformer line, so I'm happy to get more Beast Wars product. Check out the new Optimus Primal and Megatron Toys, as well as a few other things! See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Third is Transformers: Titanium. The Star Wars Titaniums have proven to be a big hit, and now Transformers are available! These are small, 3" and 6" metal toys. The 3" toys don't transform -- but the 6" do! Featuring characters from across multiple continuities, it's a Transformers fan's dream! See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Next: Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica: Titanium. I told you Titaniums were popular. New Star Wars Titaniums and new Battlestar Galactica Titaniums -- awesome! (If you aren't watching BSG on Sci-Fi, shame on you.) See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Next: Star Wars and Transformers: Attacktix. Another hot Star Wars property crosses brands. The mini-figure game Attacktix was big in '05 with Star Wars, so expect new packs! Also, Transformers joins the Attacktix line... and in what fans will say is either awesome or horrible, the Attacktix storyline contains both brands! See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Now showing: Transformers: Alternators. These 1:24 size Transformers feature licensed vehicle modes. And coming this year are the Ford GT Mirage and Dodge Ram Optimus Prime! See the Gallery

Next: Star Wars! The 3 3/4" line continues in 2006 featuring "battle scenes" from all 6 of the movies! See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Also: Star Wars Unleashed! While the decision to move away from the larger figures has a lot of fans irritated, you have to admire the battle-pack strategy for troop building! See the Gallery

Next: Star Wars Transformers! Continuing the merging of mythos, even more Star Wars Transformers are on their way, including Jango Fett, Han/Chewie, a Trooper, and ... Palpatine? See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Some GI Joe for you -- the new Sigma 6 line is controversial, but what change in any toy line isn't? See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Not to worry, we also have some GI Joe: A Real American Hero for you! See the Gallery

For all you Pony fans, we didn't forget you either. Check out the new My Little Pony toys! See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

Next, we have some Miscellaneous Hasbro Pictures for you, including a lot of Mr. Potato Head toys. Man, I just love the Star Wars ones, and now they have Artoo Potatoo, complete with Holographic Spud Leia. Wow, that's awesome, Hasbro. See the Gallery -- See the Second Gallery

2-23-2006 Update: Okay, Heroscape fans. You asked for pictures, we asked Hasbro for pictures, and we got press kit pictures and information. Check it out! See the Press Kit Information