ASM - Toy Fair 2006With Help from The Allspark
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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2006 Coverage!

Welcome to our coverage of JAKKS Pacific! Wrestling, Rocky, and DragonBall Z -- let's go!
First up is WWE Wrestling -- your favorite RAW and SmackDown! stars return to plastic toy form. Insert wrestling-promo soundbyte here. See the Gallery

Next Rocky, as in Rocky Balboa. Yes, there's a Rocky 6 in production, but these toys are from the first five movies. They even have Thunderlips and Clubber Lang! See the Gallery

Third is DragonBall Z. Not a big display at Toy Fair, but check out what we got! See the Gallery

Next is Disney's "Meet the Robinsons". The movie's scheduled to be released in December; get a sneak peek at the characters of this time-travel/boy-genius computer-animated feature! See the Gallery

Now we come to Dragon Booster. Got some interesting looking dragon designs here! See the Gallery

Finally, we have Trollz. Just remember -- even ugly toys need homes. See the Gallery