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Iacon One: Where Things Are Not What They Seem...



This year, LEGO has a whole new exciting storyline centered around Voya Nui, the floating island!


Voya Nui is a most extraordinary island.  It was once part of a large land mass, but broke loose during an ancient cataclysm.  Its inhabitants have been struggling for survival ever since.


After many years of desolation, islanders are running out of liquid protodermis – which keeps them alive and healthy.  To make things worse, the island’s burning core is about to become extinct, which will make it a cold, uninhabitable wilderness.


Since times of old, the floating island of Voya Nui has been guarding an ancient secret.  Hidden deep inside the island’s burning core is an ancient mask – the Mask of Life – so powerful it could mean life or death to the entire BIONICLE universe.


But a devious an spiteful gang – the Piraka – has arrived to seize the Mask.  Nobody knows exactly who they are or where they came from, but they’re evil. They carry a potion that turns every inhabitant into their slave, and their determined not to let anything stop them.  Should the Mask of Life fall into their hands, the entire universe will be in peril.


In the darkness of the night, six heroes codenamed Inika arrive on the shores of Voya Nui on a mission that could very well be their last.  Their goal: find the Mask of Light and save the Great Spirit Mata Nui from dying.


On the island, they discover the Toa Nuva and Matoran populations have been enslaved by the Piraka and forced to search for the Mask of Life.  Now these heroes must pit their skills and the powers granted them by a bolt of lightening against the six villains and the ancient evil they protect.




Velika: This master inventor designs elaborate equipment for use by the resistance.  Although wise, he speaks in riddles and can be hard to understand.  Twin power carvers enable him to craft a new device in seconds.


Kazi: The only Matoran who knows the deepest secrets of the island of Voya Nui.  Sharp and sarcastic, he defends himself using twin echo forks to produce a devastating sound wave.


Piruk:  Stealthy and quick, he can sneak in and out of enemy bases to gather information for the Matoran resistance on Voya Nui. If he’s caught, his shredder claws can rip through solid metal to make an escape route.


Garan:  The brave and smart Matoran leads the fight against the invading Piraka.  His twin pulse bolt generators fire a ball of energy that grows more powerful as it travels.


Baltan:  This untouchable Matoran can easily turn any pile of discarded equipment into a device or defense tool.  When his twin repellers are crossed, he can block any attack.


Dalu:  The most skilled fighter in the Voya Nui resistance, she is always ready for a fight.  Her twin chargers enable her to increase one attribute of a target (strength, speed, ect…) for a brief time.


Toa Inika (Available in August)


Jaller:  A masterful and fearless lava surfer, Jaller leads the journey down the dangerous lava tunnels to Voya Nui’s secret interior.  Raw Energy flows over the blade of his energized flame sword.


Hahli:  Hahli’s magical mask of Detection and her superior sixth sense make her invaluable in the search for the Mask of Life. Her energized hydro harpoon can punch through even the thickest protodermis armor.


Nuparu:  With his heavy forceful body, Nuparu takes the lead in any fight.  His laser-powered blaster drill, giant claws and sharp spikes make him a real “mean machine” both in combat and at work.


Kongu:  The lightest and fastest of the six Toa, Kongu protects his friends from vicious aerial attacks.  His laser crossbow fires lethal arrows of pure energy that will split anything it hits into atoms


Hewkii:  Hewkii’s hyper-powered vibra axe cuts through solid rock as if it were butter while its vibrating blade can split any objects in halves in milliseconds.  The chain come sin handy when rock climbing.


Matoro:  Able to depart from his physical body and turn invisible, Matoro is sent on missions to spy on the enemy or search remote parts of the island.  His laser-powered ice sword pacifies anyone – or anything – suspicious.


Titans (Available in August)


Axonn: A mighty and mysterious figure, Axonn helps the Matoran in their resistance against the evil Piraka.  His giant axe slices through even the hardest rock as if it were butter.  Virtually invulnerable and able to make lava balls with his bare hands.


Brutaka:  Former guardian of the sacred Temple of Life who has now joined forces with the Piraka.  Brutaka uses his giant rotating blade to cut through any obstacles in his obsessive search for the Mask of Life.


Vezon and Fenrakk:  In an attempt to get hold of the Mask of Life, the mysterious 7th Piraka has been fused to the back of the Fenrakk spider.  This lethal pair now waits for anyone brave – or foolish – enough to get hold of the mask.


Playsets (Available in August)


Piraka Outpost:  The evil Piraka have guarded the approaches to their stronghold with Nektann, automated guardian robots.  With the help of a barely named Rahi, the Toa must storm the outpost and fight their way to the stronghold.


Lava Chamber:  The Toa have reached the entrance to the Chamber of the Mask of Life.  But will they live long enough to get through it.  It’s a battle to the finish between the Toa and the Piraka in the shadow of the Lava Chamber Gate.


Piraka Stronghold:  The evil Piraka have built a massive fortress on the island of Voya Nui.  From here they craft their plans to keep the Matoran enslaved and steal the Mask of Life.  The Toa must seize the stronghold if they hope to stop the Piraka before it is too late.  But with the forces of the Piraka and their Zamor Sphere launchers set against them can these six new heroes hope to survive?